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USB Boot problem

New Member

USB Boot problem

I need to boot a laptop with a HP CD-Writer 8220e (USB). Is there anyway that is posible? Is there some kind of bootdisk with USB CD-Rom drivers on?.
The problem is, that I need to Install Windows XP on the machine, a Toshiba Portege 3440CT. And the stupid thing, havent got an internal CD-Rom drive.
Honored Contributor

Re: USB Boot problem

I'm not sure how you can make it boot from the external drive but I can give you a suggestion. Do you still have an operating system on the Laptop? If you do, and if you have enough room on the hard drive, you could make a folder on the root of C:\ and call it "Wininstall" (for instance), then copy all of the contents of the cdrom to it. After that select the setup.exe in the folder and continue with the install or upgrade. Don't FORMAT during the install and make sure your paths are correct.

If you do this, be careful!