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vb script not working

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vb script not working

We have written vb script to check if the F drive utilisation is greater than 85%, if so to open folder and delete files with date difference greater than one day (ie) to keep todays aswell as previous day files,the script works well in command prompt,but when i call it through the schedule action template it fails,I am getting the message "the script started"

I have written the vbscript in the path /var/opt/OV/share/database/OpC/mgd_node/customer/ms/intel/nt/RPC_DCE_TCP/cmds , the batch file calling the vb script ( cscript %OVagentdir% \bin\OpC\cmds\reporter.vbs) in the same path

And in command tab of schedule action template i have called reporter.bat

But this seems not deleting the files,when it cross 85% in F drive ,but it works fine in command line.

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Re: vb script not working

Well...unfortunately you posed a Windows related question in a unix forum....

hopefully the moderator will move it for you, or yoy could post it in a more appropriate forum