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vista installation problems.

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vista installation problems.

Hi guys im tryin to install Vista home premium (oem) on my HP Pavilion Media Center a1388d Desktop PC. My system passes the vista upgrade advisor and meets all requirements.

When i boot with the vista cd i get the 'windows is loading files' progress bar, once that is done i get a blue screen with the following error 'STOP: 0X0000005C ...'

Im always met with that blue screen and i cant install vista. Thanks guys for your help.
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Re: vista installation problems.

A simple google search query deliveres the following suggestions:
- adjust power savings settings in BIOS
- update BIOS to most recent


Instead of booting from cd, you might want to try the upgrade feature from within your current Windows XP.


nb: it helps to put down the entire error message, since this contains root cause info for the tech people.
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