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Vista issues

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Vista issues

I have an HP pavillion dv9205ca. All of a sudden yesterday my control panel dissapeared from my start menu, and I can no longer right click on folders. Can anyone help me fix this? Thanks for your time.
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Re: Vista issues

Not likely what you are looking for, but this is the best suggestion I can come up with at the moment:

From the overwhelming amount of responses you are getting to this, I would think that this may be your best bet.
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Re: Vista issues

Are you up-to-date on Microsoft updates?

Were you running with the UAC activated?

Do you have anti-virus loaded and updated?

You didn't go look at the "Britany Spears" email did you?

If you go Start, Run control, or Start, Run cmd 'start control' does the control panel launch?

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Re: Vista issues

type only control you will get the control panel if you wan the application wizard to uninstall any thing type appwiz.cpl will help it you can have a direct post to microsoft regarding the issue you can call to the toll free

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