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WIN98 Shutdown Errors

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WIN98 Shutdown Errors

Just purchased HP Pavillion 6563Z for wife. Since HP has so wisely chosen not
to support its customers with a Help Desk (and toll-free #) or an e-mail
"contact us", I'm hoping someone can help me via this forum.

When going to START on task bar to shutdown the system, I get 3 errors, the
system has to be shut off manually (an ABEND!!), so on next boot, the Scandisk

1st error: Tapisrv: An error has occurred in your program. When "Ignore" is
clicked, nothing happens. When "Close" is clicked, get an error pane: This
program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down. When OK is
clicked, 2nd error occurs.

2nd error: Msgsrv32: (Same result as Tapisrv, above)and then 3rd error.

3rd error: (the DREADED blue screen saying:)A Fatal Exception 0D has occurred
at 2357:0000038F. The current application will be terminated.

The problem is pressing "any key" does nothing, and Alt-Ctrl-Del does nothing.
This screen just sits there until the system is shut off manually.

Anyone have a clue what's going on here?
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Re: WIN98 Shutdown Errors

I have had the same problem with the HP Pavilion N3110 I purchased in November.
I have several other problems too. One of them being..after an hour online, the
computer gets very hot and the browser quits working.
Its too bad HP won't try to help its customers. I won't be one of them again.
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Re: WIN98 Shutdown Errors

Found out thru trial and error that the errors were being generated because my
wife had turned peripherals off (scanner & printer)before shutting system down.
I have no idea why the HP system reacts this way (first system we've had where
you couldn't turn these things off and shutdown OK). Anyway, the wife just
makes sure she turns everything back on before shutting down.

On the matter of your system overheating - check that your tower case is not
too enclosed. It needs its space to circulate cooling air. If it's in a
cabinette, open the door(s) while system is operating.
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Re: WIN98 Shutdown Errors

Depending on the model you purchased, HP computers come with at least 30 days
free technical phone support on installed software. For more information see
the below URL.

The reason you get these errors may be because of the scanner. HP scanners have
software that runs in the background monitoring the scanner, waiting for you to
use it and administering the power-saver features.

Something to keep in mind is that unlike older models, today's peripherals
aren't designed to be turned off when the computer is on! I agree that it
shouldn't cause a problem with your PC if you do shut them down, but there
isn't really any need to, and it causes wear on their power switches. Printers
generally don't draw any power when not being used (other than to light the
green power indicator), and most HP scanners have various settings for power
saver modes that you select depending on your usage requirements.

Usually the best way to do things is to put everything on a power strip/surge
supressor so it all comes on and goes off at once. That also reduces wear on
the power buttons of all your peripherals.

Re: WIN98 Shutdown Errors

First off tapi is your modem interface. Goto this web site,
http://technet.microsoft.com/cdonline/default.asp and search for tapi. Try
uninstalling and reinstalling your modem driver. Make sure its the most recent
driver for your modem and its 98 compliant. You may have an old driver. Just
because you have a new machine doesn't mean you have the latest software. That
job is on your shoulders.