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Windows 2008r2 2TB Disk Limit on DL380g7

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Windows 2008r2 2TB Disk Limit on DL380g7


Hi Chaps,


Need advice.


We have the below new server that needs to become the company new Data Server.


HP DL380G7

12gb Ram

1 x On Board Smart Array p410i / 512mb Raid Controller

8 x HP 1TB SAS 2.5” Hot Plug Drives, 1 drive to become a Hot Spare.

1 x Raid 6 License


We must have 1 Windows share for Data at around 4TB in size; we do not wish to have many drive letter mappings.  Just 1 drive letter and then thousands of folders.  Nice and Simple.

From the server should be :


C: drive for Windows 2008r2 OS

D: drive for DATA

E: drive for dvd drive


Server has had all latest Firmware updates done.


So I booted with Smart Start and created 1 x Raid 6 Array using the license, then created 1 Logical Drive with a Host Spare.


Created a Windows Boot Partition of 110gb and installed Windows.


Once OS was installed I looked in Windows Disk Mgnt and noticed there were 2 x 2tb volumes and also my 110gb OS partition.


After some googling I have learnt that the DATA Drive needs to be GPT, as I only have 1 DISK this will not work so I need to rebuild the server and start again.  No Problem but this is where I get stuck.


Remember we did originally spec the server to be Raid 6.


Option 1 :


Two Arrays, with Two Logical Drives

Raid 1=OS (2 x 1TB) C Drive would be 1TB using Logical Drive 1

Raid 5-Data (5 x 1TB) D Drive would be 4TB using Logical Drive 2

Shared Spare (1 x 1TB)


Option 2 :


One Array, with Two Logical Drives


Raid 6=(7x1TB) Create a smaller 110gb Logical Drive for OS, then create on the same array another Logical drive with the remaining disk space ( around 4.5TB)




Option 3:


Is there one ?



So hopefully you can see what we are trying to do.


I already know that the boot partition cannot be GPT.


What I need help in is which option should I be choosing, pro’s and cons, any other options?


Our end goal is simple ?


C: drive for Windows 2008r2 OS : around 100gb

D: drive for DATA : around 4TB


Raid 5 or 6, would prefer 6 as its more redundancy.

1 hotspare drive


If it help the data will be mainly AutoCad.


Thanks and please feel free to comment anywhere?



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Re: Windows 2008r2 2TB Disk Limit on DL380g7

RAID 10  with 2 hot spare.


6 x 1TB = 3TB


C: 1TB - OS

D: 1.5TB - Data

E: 500GB - disk swap/cache