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Windows HP Professionnal

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Windows HP Professionnal

I just buy a HP Pavillon zd 7000. I have installed my own Windows HP Pro version.

.... and no response on USB ports !!!

Does it exist a solution for this problem ?


Christian Jordan
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Re: Windows HP Professionnal

Hi Jordan,
With windows HP you probebly mean a windows version that was enclosed with a HP system. But what version of windows is it? win2000 prof. or winXP prof?

If it is win2000 prof, do a windows update and install ServicePack4, delte the USB devices out of devicemanagement and reboot, they will be recognized again.
With WinXP I would install ServicePack1 and do the same.

to go toe devicemangement and delete the USB devices do the following:
1. Rightclick My computer and choos manage
2. Select devicemanagment on you left, then you see all sorts of devices, like displayadapters and USB devices should be there to.
3. remove all USB ports and Hubs, by rightclicking them and select 'undo installation'
4. Check if there are any unknown devices listed (Icon is a yellow questionmark) and see if there are USB devices listed there, also uninstall them.

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Re: Windows HP Professionnal

windows update didn`t recognize or find a driver.so searched the for suspected driver both here on the forum and on the net but still the usb in all ports don`t respond as they did earlier.

i have responded to several posts on this and why hp won`t let customers reinstall the OS as a standalone.instead they leave you with driver that only hp maintains.
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Re: Windows HP Professionnal

james- I seriously doubt HP would do that, but reguardless it's not fodder for these forums.

check device manager, look for yellow question marks, yellow exclamation marks or Red Xs.

remove these devices and redetect them.
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Re: Windows HP Professionnal


Is there a possibility to switch off the USB support on BIOS ?
Please check.

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