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Windows Update 2019.01 Proliant BL460c Gen8

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Windows Update 2019.01 Proliant BL460c Gen8

Hi all,

So - I am maintaining a small MS Hyper-V Cluster deployment based on two C7000 enclosures with a variety of BL460c Gen7 and Gen8 and 3 Nimble SAN's and I have a problem with the Windows Update 2019.01 for Windows 2016 Datacenter.

Cluster and Hyper-V configuration are managed by SCVMM 2016. The onboard NIC's are memberes of a team, used for Hyper-V VM traffic. A secondary NIC (not teamed) are dedicated to SAN traffic.

When installing the 2019.01 update, the team configuration are broken, leaving the Hyper-V rolse without network cconnectivity. I have tried to reconfigure the team and the virtual switch, both manually from SCVMM and from the Hyper-V server itself, but the configuration cannot be reconfigured to a working state.

The only solution I have found valid is to reinstall the server OS, install updates including the 2019.01 update and only after this update is installed, it is possible to configure the Hyper-V, Cluster and additional roles and add it to the SCVMM configuration with success.

Any advice to avoid reinstalling the servers will be appriciated.





Re: Windows Update 2019.01 Proliant BL460c Gen8

Have you checked this article from Microsoft.



Thank You !
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