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WinPE 2005 with DL320 G3 and DL320 G4


WinPE 2005 with DL320 G3 and DL320 G4

We are attempting to setup a WinPE environment that will support both the DL320 G3 and G4 platforms with SATA RAID enabled.

A generic WinPE build (with no additions to winpeoem.sif) detects the drives appropriately for the DL320 G3. However, the DL320 G4 drives are not recognized.

The subsequent addition of the DL320 G4 drivers (http://h18023.www1.hp.com/support/files/server/us/download/23534.html) in the Section marked OEMDriversParams (with OEMDriversDirs=adpahci) results in the DL320 G4 drives being seen, but not the drives on the DL320 G3.

Any assistance or suggestions would be appreciated. Microsoft has indicated that there is probably a conflict and that we should go back to the vendor (HP).

Regards - Ziggy