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Won't print Legal

New Member

Won't print Legal

I have a LaserJet 4M printer that will not print Legal. Every setting from on
the printer to the software on the computer says legal, but it still comes out
on 8 1/2 x 11. Has anyone ever heard of this happening?
New Member

Re: Won't print Legal

I have a HP 4M an I do not have this problem, try one of the following:

press paper size on you printer
hit the + (plus key until you get Legal in your LCD
Press enter this will select ther LEGAL Size paper by placing an * beside the
word LEGAE in your LCD.

Next go to your program ensure that you have the right form setting in the
program that you use.

For example in Microsoft Word go to Page setting and select legal.

This should resolve your problem.

Good Luck

Jacques Cadieux