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where does windows(xp) store home page addresses?
I deleted my home page many times(tools,internet options..) but it still there
thank you for your help
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Re: xp/internet

You can't just delete the current entry to remove it. You can either set it to something other than the current page, or you can set the page to launch as a blank page.

If you are stating that each time you re-boot, a home page that you didn't assign appears as your homepage, then that's different.

There are sharware/freeware programs that will list ALL of the areas in the registry that programs can be run from during the boot process. What's happening, is that you visited a site that placed an entry into one of those run areas that automatically changes the homepage back to the site.

One area to check under is:

HKLM / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Run

You can also check under Win.ini for a run or load statement.

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