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ABS Tape Library errors

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Valued Contributor

ABS Tape Library errors

I have an OpenVMS/Alpha Cluster v7.3-2 with a node having a TL892
library. I use an old version of ABS (v3.2A) (I know, much newer but this
has worked for years so why change it if it was not broken?). In past
couple weeks I have noticed these errors that break the backup process.
It should be noted that it ***DOES*** work OK (from logs anyway) for 8
entire disks before getting this error in my monthly archive job:

Operation #9 starting at 9-APR-2010 19:36:10

Incremental Level: Full Operation

Object Set:
Object Type: VMS_FILES
Include List: DISK$RAID3:
Exclude List:

Archive Information:
Storage Class Name: MONTHLY_ARCHIVE
Saveset Location: 000037
Saveset Name: 9APR201019360300.

Execution Environment:
Number of retries: 3
Retry Interval: 15 minute(s)

19:36:10 THREAD #9: ABS_SYSOPEN_FAILED, SYS$OPEN service failed
19:36:10 THREAD #9: -%RMS-E-DNF, directory not found
19:36:10 THREAD #9: ABS_SUBPROCDELETEERR, Error deleting subprocess
19:36:10 THREAD #9: -Line = 1257, File = RESD$:[SRC]AGENT_SUBPROCESS.C;1
19:36:10 THREAD #9: ABS_PLATFORM_SPECIFIC_ERROR, Platform-specific error in diag block
19:36:10 THREAD #9: -%SYSTEM-F-IVCHAN, invalid I/O channel
19:36:10 THREAD #9: SYS$OPEN service failed

Does anyone have any suggestions on what is meant by "UNKNOWN MOVEMENT
TYPE" and the subsequent service Open failure and invalid I/O channel?
This might have started after the VMS732_Update v20 but I can't confirm
that since old logs are not around anymore. That update was applied here
in early Feb 2010.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Rick Dyson

Re: ABS Tape Library errors

Hi Rick,

ABS V3.2A is a very old version and is unsupported. The latest one is ABS V4.5 (1200). It is recommended to upgrade ABS to get the latest features, bug-fixes and HP support for the product.

For the problem you have reported,

19:36:10 THREAD #9: ABS_SYSOPEN_FAILED, SYS$OPEN service failed
19:36:10 THREAD #9: -%RMS-E-DNF, directory not found

I think this may have something to do with opening the catalog/catalog staging file. See if the ABS$CATALOG logical is a search-list. If so, check if all the paths defined in the search list are correct.

Valued Contributor

Re: ABS Tape Library errors

Thanks. I know it is old, but I believe the update past this required something else I could not upgrade.

But, you may have suggested something that could be the problem. I had a disk fail that had some of my (not used much anymore) backup catalogs that were not for this saveset. I was able to recover those catalog files (16 GB) but had them on another disk until I could get the right H/W in place. (Shoestring budget here). I just got those files back into the same location as before in the past few days.

I restarted the job again tonight and it is already past Thread #13, so I think I have got it fixed.

Valued Contributor

Re: ABS Tape Library errors

I had a broken link to some of my ABS Catalog data files that was the problem.