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add dec server

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add dec server

can anyone tell me how do I go about adding a dec server in VMS.The aim is to be able to connect to the dec server with this command. ncp>conn node server_name after adding it to vms
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Re: add dec server


From the original post, it would be reasonable to presume that this is a DECserver running LAT, but there are no details given as to:
- OS version
- DECnet type and version
- DECserver Model

More specific details would make it far simpler to give more on target answers.

- Bob Gezelter, http://www.rlgsc.com
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Re: add dec server

It's been a while, but I believe that I used
which I probably got with the software for a
DECserver 200/MC at least ten years ago.

Which DECserver model? Do you have any
software kit for it?
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Re: add dec server

Which DECservers?
Connecting to the console ports?

Hmmm... why not aim a little higher.
Why not aim to TELNET to the consoles

Best bet is to RTFM, but for starting thoughts, check out an recent entry here:

And our fiend Hoff has some stuff documented that should help.
Start here:
Look at the decnet commands linked from there. Notably how to associate a name with a MAC ADDRESS.

If you can not figure it out from there, then be sure to report back with all the details, and an indication as to how far along you came.