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any monitoring tool or script?

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any monitoring tool or script?


our environment; Charon-VAX 4000 model 108 and VMS v6.1, Rdb Version: Rdb/VMS V4.1-0.


Now I made one test (copy of our production) server is ready and working fine. Next, I would like to use any freeware or any script to monitor the system.our Rdb database is very huge in size and old, unable to categorize and delete any of the old records  as it has lots of inconsistant, missing keys fields and references each other.  Our application accesses (read and write) the NFS files (not copied locally) remotely regularly. 


So I would like to monitor Rdb files, network file access, lock conflict and disk space monitoring, I went through our old freeware as our vms 6.1, but not find anything, please let me know if you have any scripts. 






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Re: any monitoring tool or script?

I'm unclear on the configuration: If the database files are stored on NFS shares, that probably won't end well for the database.   If NFS is used for the files that your applications are processing and NFS is not being used for the database itself, then ignore this.


The problems you're reporting with a production server that'd send my stress levels through the roof with any production server I was managing.  From what you've written here and elsewhere in the forums, I'd be expecting this whole configuration to tip over, and the resulting mess to potentially require weeks of effort to resolve.   Here, I'd spend my time resolving the errors and inconsistencies you're reporting, and with generally cleaning up the database, getting the backups tested and working, and getting OpenVMS VAX and Rdb patched to current.


From my experience with Rdb and production servers, running with known corruptions usually doesn't end well, nor does running with older versions.  


Then I'd get the monitoring going, and tailored to local requirements.


As for freebies, there are some presentations and tools available with some searches; the OpenVMS Freeware is present at decuslib.com and digiater.nl among other sites.   There are some old free-tools presentations, too — but an old 2008 presentation is still ~14 years and one architecture *newer* than what you're running.   While this configuration might be too old for HP's free T4 tools, they're a common choice for monitoring server activity, too.   (But until the database is stable and consistent and the layered products are more current and the backups tested, I'd not personally be spending much time looking at free disk space...)

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Re: any monitoring tool or script?

Thanks Hoff.


We had a disk space problem earlier due to do one of the data area  grown larger, but we've resolved by replacing old disk with bigger size vdisk. And regarding the database, yes, it misses referential integrity, because of that we are not able to delete the old unwanted records, but stil have lots of disk spaces, it will go for another 5 years. Even of there is any problem, I would suggest to replace it with new larger vdisk. Volker also has suggested this option and this works perfectly in our environment.


Thanks to Volker for his timely, quick and wonderful solution.


And on the test server, we had db area page and index corruption problem, thats because we had copied the disk while the server was running, but as per your suggestion I copied the disks after shutdown the server and restored the same on test server and it works fine now. Thanks to Hoff, we all knew your great contribution to the entire VAX/VMS world.  


And our db files are in the local drive. I have suggested to the management for the server patch and upgrade to the latest versions, but management is scared of touching the production server as it runs smoothly for the last ~28 years without any major changes to apps and Rdb except Charon migration and new vdisk introduced recently.


Any monitoring scripts?