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Availibilty Manager on Windows 7 Client

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Availibilty Manager on Windows 7 Client

Hi all,


does somebody know, when Windows 7 Client supports Availibilty Manager ?

Yesterday I installed V3.1-2 on my new Notebook, but it failed with installing AM-driver.


kind regards

Rainer Wagner

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Re: Availibilty Manager on Windows 7 Client



I escalated this with HP, and we got a resolution satisfactory at least to us about 3-4 months ago.


Basically there are several modes to use availability manager.   If you want to use the windows-7 system to directly communicate with the vms client nodes using the network protocol type 80-48, that needs a windows driver.   if your windows-7 system is 32-bit you can use the existing 32-bit driver.   if the windows-7 system is 64-bit, which is widespread these days, then the current driver will not work.   HP did not commit to me to making a 64-bit network driver for availabilty manager.


Our model for using avaibility manager is to have windows-7 system be only the data analyzer, and use an intermediate vms system as the data server.   In this model the windows-7 system does not need to use protocol 8048 on the network, but just uses standard tcpip.   The existing product includes this capability.   However the existing kit, unfortunately does not include a "custom install" feature where it gives you the option of saying that you don't want to install the 80-48 protocol driver but just want the data analyzer.


After working with HP they were able to give us instructions as to how to install just the data analyzer without attempting to load the driver, and it has been working to my satisfaction for many months.   My impression was that HP was planning to go back and productize, publicize, and support this solution, but I have not followed up with them.   The HP product manager for Availbility Manager when I was dealing with them was Ashok Kumar.   If this solution would meet your needs, I suggest that you follow up with HP and request it.   Maybe if they get a substantial number of such requests it might lead them to follow through and formally release this solution, which from my perspective has already been proven to work.

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Re: Availibilty Manager on Windows 7 Client



thank you very much for your answer.

My Computer is an 64-bit system and it is better I open a call on HP waiting for an update for 64-bit systems.