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CIFS on Openvms 8.3-1H1

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CIFS on Openvms 8.3-1H1

I have installed the CIFS software and followed some help on the forums and managed to connect to a directory on the I64. All the files in the mapped directory when viewed by windows explorer have the same modified date and any new files created directly into the directory via windows explorer have the time an hour ahead even though the system time is correct.
The dates on all the files are displayed ok if a dir/date is done on the I64 itself.
Can anyone help?
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Re: CIFS on Openvms 8.3-1H1

The usual trigger for the off-by-an-hour is a bad timezone setting somewhere or a stale timezone definition; going after the logical names and such directly can cause this, as can an errant setting.

Both Microsoft Windows and OpenVMS have the same timezone management scheme; both assume the system time is localtime and then try to keep track of the timezone in parallel, rather than using UT and localtime. This leads to all manner of interesting behavior and degenerate, and the off-by-an-hour is a common manifestation.

Post the output from the @SYS$MANAGER:UTC$TIME_SETUP SHOW command discussed here:


and we'll have a look at whether this is probably OpenVMS or (by deduction) Microsoft Windows.

Also post what time zone you think you're in, and whether your OpenVMS box and your Microsoft Windows box is current on patches; OpenVMS I64 V8.3-1H1 is correct for most timezones, but almost certainly wrong for areas that have seen recent timezone changes. You can "zic" your way to current definitions on OpenVMS, if you're in an area that has seen a recent change.)