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Disk Unit in D2700 (P812) not visible in OS

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Disk Unit in D2700 (P812) not visible in OS

Added a disk unit from OpenVMS via MSA$UTIL, but cannot see the disk device in DCL. The MCR SYSMAN IO AUTOCONFIGURE does not update the available devices with the one created (this is at this point the only defined disk unit on the actual raid controller).


The disk unit is in a D2700 cabinett hanging on a P812 controller. There are no problems on administer the controller device (PKB0) from DCL. The firmware on the P812 is 6.00, which is newer than the those problems mentioned in the V8.4 update kits.


The server was replaced a few days ago, and I had to update the server firmware. Then I remember that when installing some OpenVMS updates, some files are copied to EFI, but I do not know what these EFI files does, nor how to update those by will (maybe just to reinstall UPDATE V1000?).


Any suggestions?

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Re: Disk Unit in D2700 (P812) not visible in OS

IIRC, you have to SYSMAN> IO FIND to get various new SAS devices online; the SAS support has paralleled FC here and uses the same device-configuration file and related baggage, but AFAICT this process isn't documented (for SAS) outside of a few tape-related articles.  Alternatively, if you're under HP support, ring up HP and ask.

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Re: Disk Unit in D2700 (P812) not visible in OS

I've already tried SYSMAN IO FIND. It does not find any new WWIDs. I still suspect that an V84 update kit contains a fix to EFI, which may be important for OpenVMS.

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Re: Disk Unit in D2700 (P812) not visible in OS

We have HP Integrity rx2800 i2 (System FW is 1.90) with P812 (SW is 5.16) and two D2700 boxes. Everything works fine with OpenVMS I64 UPDATE V6, V8 and V10 (I suppose V7 and V9 are OK as well).


- Obviously: your P812 controller is in RAID mode.

- Is your cache present (when no unit is active, cache is not active, but it must be present)?

- Specs of AM311 (P411) state that controller must be in primary I/O Riser. Specs of AM312 (P812) do not, but we put our P812 in the first I/O riser anyway.

- Be sure not to unplug or plugin a SAS cable when VMS is running. All cable(s) must be in place before VMS boots.

- Can you provide MSA$UTIL command output of SHOW CONTR /FULL?

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Re: Disk Unit in D2700 (P812) not visible in OS

Reinstalled UPDATE V10, which updated EFI, but it did not resolve the issue.

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Re: Disk Unit in D2700 (P812) not visible in OS

In fact the reinstall of UPDATE V10 , which updated the EFI seems to have resolved the issue, but I see that this server earlier had an MSL6030 robot on a controller with this letter "B" (mcr sysman io connect GKB0:/driver=SYS$GKDRIVER/noadapter), so this has to be removed or redefined to use the "C"/"D" adapter.


$ mcr msa$util
MSA> show controller/full
A default controller is not set.  All matching controllers displayed

Adapter: _PKB0:
   P812             (c) HP                         PAGXQ0BRH2N05U Software 6.00
   Port Address: 50014380-21f81570
Supported Redundancy Mode:   Dual Domain.
         Dual Domain Mode:   Not Redundant.
   228 megabyte read cache   684 megabyte write cache
   Cache is enabled and Cache is GOOD.
   No unflushed data in cache.
   Battery is fully charged.
Controller Mode:
   Controller is in RAID Mode.
1 logical drives configured
Physical Drive Map:
    Port: 1E, Bus: 2, Bay: 11
    Port: 1E, Bus: 2, Bay: 16
  Disk 211, # 0, size 585858420 blocks, (279.36 [299.96] GB), Unit 5.
  Disk 211, # 1, size 13544 blocks, (6.61 [6.93] MB), Unused.
  Disk 216, # 0, size 585858420 blocks, (279.36 [299.96] GB), Unit 5.
  Disk 216, # 1, size 13544 blocks, (6.61 [6.93] MB), Unused.

Adapter: _OCSYD2$GKB0:
Error reading MPT Header Page:          4000000 status = f4
Failed to get Page Type 9, Page 2


This server was delivered with the P812 adapter/controller in the middle slot (next to the PCIx slot).