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ECP Collector and Analyzer

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ECP Collector and Analyzer

Hello Everyone,
I installed ECP Analyzer and Collector on the HP Open VMS Alpha V7.3-2. I'm trying to open the DECwindows Motif with the command: >>plan analyze/motif

I get a message:

d[sys0.syscommon.][sysexe]ecp$analyze_motif.exe;1:  Can't open display.


As my system dont support DecWindows i tried setting up a display to another windows system  remotely by typing the command


set disp/cre/node=ip address/trans=tcpip.


Then ran   "plan analyze/motif" command.


Also i have the eXcursion running on my windows system, but the problem is i am not getting the  DECwindows Motif on the windows system even though my set up is correct.


Any suggestions ??

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Re: ECP Collector and Analyzer



you should first test with RUN DECW$EXAMPLES:ICO, until you get your DECwindows output correctly displayed on your eXcursion windows system. You may need to add TCPIP transport into your sys$startup:decw$private_server_setup.com file:


$ decw$server_transports == "DECNET,LOCAL,TCPIP"


Also note that a symbol named DISPLAY in your local process may confuse $ PLAN ANALYZE/MOTIF



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Re: ECP Collector and Analyzer

For X11, the server is the system with the display: your windows system with eXcursion., the client is the system with the application: your VMS system with ECP Analyzer and Collector.


On the VMS client side you have to set the display. A "set disp/cre/node=ip_address/trans=tcpip" should do. You can double check with "show display". There you should see  a WSA device and the arguments of your set display command. On the client side, you don't set a server transport: running sys$startup:decw$private_server_setup.com with any decw$server_transports symbol set is not necessary and does not help in this case. (X shareable images will dynamically activate the necessary transport image, depending on your set display command and independant of the local X server settings.)


On the server side you need to allow clients to access the server. I don't know eXcursion, but there should be an equivalent of the Unix xhost command.


Whether that works is easy to check, do a telnet to your windows system with eXcursion using the X11 port 6000. Somethink like "telnet ip_address/port=6000".  With access to the server you will get something like

%TELNET-I-TRYING, Trying ...
%TELNET-I-SESSION, Session 01, host, port 6000
-TELNET-I-ESCAPE, Escape character is ^]

If not, there is a problem with the port or with the client access in eXcursion.


The X11 XopenDisplay call by default checks a Unix variable DISPLAY. The equivalent on VMS is a DCL symbol (local or global) and a logical name.  With descending precedence: set display/cre, logical, symbol. It looks like PLAN ANALYZE/MOTIF uses the default, otherwise it should be documented what the display name is and how to set it.


All in all it looks more like a setup problem on your windows system than a problem in VMS/DECWindows/ECP Collector and Analyzer.