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Hard drive indicator light - "cylinder crossed out icon" is 'red'

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Hard drive indicator light - "cylinder crossed out icon" is 'red'


We have OpenVMS 7.3-2 on DS25 servers. We have Main Server (DS25) with system disk clustered with Server1 (DS25), Server2(DS25) and XP1000 server

The Main Server is connected to a Disk Tower SL13T and connected to Smart Array 6400A Raid Controller.

Now in the Disk Tower we have 2 batches of 4X300GB hard drives '3R-A4952-AA' .So we have disk11 900 GB and 300GB as Raid disk
disk12 900 GB and 300 GB as Raid disk

The hard drive on the bottom slot ( slot 0?) has the
led 'cylinder crossed out' lit as steady red.

I also went to open VMS and did
sh dev 'batch1' and /full
sh dev 'batch2' /full

In both the cases Error Count was 0

Does this mean that the hard drive needs to be replaced ? All other hard drives in the tower have the 'green led' with cylinder - ON.

Is there anything else that needs to be done or when the hard drive is replaced the RAID will built itself ?

I am not very familiar with openvms system management. Kindly let me know in more detail if possible.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Hard drive indicator light - "cylinder crossed out icon" is 'red'

Here is the HP Smart Array 6400 Series Controller Support Guide manual:


The SL13T shelf is based on the 4314 series shelf. The 4300 series shelves are common so-called Universal disk shelves.

The three LED indicators present on the Universal-series disk bricks used in these shelves are activity, online, and fault, from left to right respectively.

The controller appears to be reporting a disk fault; this disk has apparently failed and has been placed off-line. This based on the manual above.

Contact your preferred hardware support vendor. Looks like it is time to swap spindles.

Whether or not you've lost any data here depends on how the controller and its spindles were configured.

I'd suggest getting some formal assistance or some training here, if you're not familiar with OpenVMS and with the associated hardware. This to better maintain your hardware, software and local application requirements. (If the array controller here is set up correctly here for instance, you won't have lost any data. But you are potentially currenty exposed to a double disk failure, and these double disk failures are rather more common than you might expect.)

Stephen Hoffman
HoffmanLabs LLC
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Re: Hard drive indicator light - "cylinder crossed out icon" is 'red'

Thanks Hoff,
I have contacted the vendor and replaced the HD. Thank you for also providing the manual PDF. Currently I do have an external vendor who configured the disk tower so I do have a level of support. However, I will keep your suggestion in mind.