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mapped drive not staying connected

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mapped drive not staying connected

ok..got a mapped drive but....
i'm having a problem with a mapped 'alpha 800 openVMS' drive. i have 2 swe3.0s connected via vpn. i have a xp pro machine that has a mapped drive connected with no problems. the problem is the mapped 'alpha drive. xp pro sees the drive, but when i click on it it says the "drive is not usable. network access is denied" i can reboot and click on the drive and it connects. but when i close, i can't get back in....any ideas where to start?
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Re: mapped drive not staying connected

Start with the environment.

SWE SmoothWall Express 3 ?

Alphaserver 800. Operating system version, Pathworks Advanced Server version or CIFS version. Number of users vs licenses. TCPIP stack and patch level.

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