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mapped drive thru vpn

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mapped drive thru vpn

ok..got a mapped drive but....
i'm having a problem with a mapped 'alpha 800 openVMS' drive. i have 2 swe3.0s connected via vpn. i have a xp pro machine that has a mapped drive connected with no problems. the problem is the mapped 'alpha drive. xp pro sees the drive, but when i click on it it says the "drive is not usable. network access is denied" i can reboot and click on the drive and it connects. but when i close, i can't get back in....any ideas where to start?
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Re: mapped drive thru vpn


First there is nothing wrong with your VPN, there is no need to check that out.

1) When tried to open network share -- Access denied message displayed,

2) Disable and reenable the network connection, then the try to access the same share --> this time it opens, NO after this you can open the share n times until your first window is kept open.

3) When the network access denied message is diplayed try to repai your netowrk connection and then it start working.


The tcp stack is some how into soup


Try resetting your TCP/IP Stack use the below command
Start --> RUN

netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt
netsh winsock reset

Restart --> Reenter your old ip address, try connecting.

I have succedeed 5 out of 10 times

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