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OpenVms SSL

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OpenVms SSL

OpenVms alpha 7.3-2 , SSL 1.3-2

SSL is intalled, now an other partner want to do secure transfert with us (CFT) they send us a file "file.crt".
How do i install/configure this .CRT file?
Thank's in advance.
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Re: OpenVms SSL

Call the support center; this stuff isn't particularly well documented.

Here's the documentation on SSL, and (unfortunately) SSL definitely isn't turn-key...

Here's the main manual for key management:

View the certificate (page 34) to make sure the certificate looks OK, and decodes correctly.

The technique used for Apache is listed on page 38. Other applications can require other directories.

The mail SSL directory is SSL$ROOT:[CERTS] (which is usually SSL$CERTS logical name.)

Have a look at the demo tool in the SSL directories, too, and specifically at the certificate-creation DCL stuff:

And here's one of the better resources on this topic:
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Re: OpenVms SSL

Thank's Hof i'll have a look to these documentations.
In fact i just want to replace an expired certificate (.crt file). I noticed that the old file was copied to an ssl directory.
Do you think that i just need to copy the new .crt file to the same directory and restart SSL?