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options for replacing LAT devices


options for replacing LAT devices

We have an application that has a set of terminals connected via various terminal servers to drive the screens.

It has a config file that ties an lta device to a specific screen which the application loads up on startup.


As the VT's / terminal servers are falling apart we are wondering what options are available.

Ideally we would like some way of removing terminal servers altogether, instead having clients ( Putty ) that connect to specific telnet port(s) and that are served their specific screen via some form of permanent local device like a TNA device.

I am not bothered if it requires each screen to have it's own tcp port or if they can use the same port number but have to have the client IP addresses registered to the specific terminal.

We are open to other options if anyone has any other ideas.

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Re: options for replacing LAT devices

There are may ways to handle this type of connection using either specific ports or a single port as an initiator.   I would be hesitant to indicate here what methodology would be best without a clear understanding of the application and how it uses the screens.

This type of question/problem is best answered by a study of the environment followed by a recommendation based upon that study.  I would recommend you contact someone to perform this study and provide those recommendations.


For full disclosure, I can provide this type of service.  Contact me if I can help directly or you wish to have some other contacts for this service.