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print from linux to vms print queue

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print from linux to vms print queue

I would like to set up a printer on a linux server to print to a vms print queue.

The vms is 7.3-2 running on a ds25. The linux is redhat enterprise 4. I have enabled lpd in tcpip services.

On the linux, set up a remote printer (vmsp) to use the vms server and rp is the print queue on the vms. I try printing to the vms, but the jobs stay on the linux side. linux command enable vmsp has no effect.

Do I need user, host, proxy or something else set up on the vms?

Any help greatly appreciated.
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Re: print from linux to vms print queue

If all you've done on the VMS side is enable lpd then you still have some other steps to do (like set up the print queues, etc.). Please read up on how to do this here...


Chapter 24 is Setting Up and Managing lpr/lpd Print Service.
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Re: print from linux to vms print queue

The only thing I can see beside queue and printcap setup, in tcpip$config LPD setup:

LPD configuration options:

1 - Enable service on this node
2 - Proxy access not required

Choose 2 unless proxies exist.
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Re: print from linux to vms print queue

First of all you need to enable and start the LPD-service on VMS.

As already answered, it's done by running
$ @sys$startup:tcpip$config


The VMSserver is now acting LPD-Server, but nothing is served yet.

You can LPD-serve your already existing queues, by running
$ run sys$system:tcpip$lprsetup.

Now comes the tricky part.......

ADD a "local" queue
The name you choose, will be used as "rp" on the Linux (LPD client).
And change the parameter "lp" to the name of the VMS-queue you want to serve.

NO queue will be created, only an entry in the Printcap to serve an already existing queue.

Don't make it worse by guessing.........
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Re: print from linux to vms print queue

Thanks guys for all the help. The hint for redoing the printcap with the lp parameter did the trick.