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printing RTF docs on VMS queue

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printing RTF docs on VMS queue

hi there

Does anyone know if its possible to somehow print an RTF file on a VMS print queue.

I have tried setting up a queue using both telnetsym and LPR but the report print out as text
eg. \pard\intbl\qc \f1 \fs44 *910000E9* \cell
Is there anything which would let VMS print it as a formated document

Any advice is greatly appreciated
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Re: printing RTF docs on VMS queue

I'm not aware of any printer capable of rendering/printing RTF files.
What You need is to find a program wich converts RTF to a printable format.like MS Windows or OpenOffice does.

On VMS one can use the CONVERT command, if the DDIF RTF module is present:
convert/document foo.rtf/format=rtf foo.ps/format=ps

If sys$library:DDIF$READ_RTF.EXE does not exist on Your system, google for it on hp.com .
I don't remember if it was on a freeware disk or whereelse.

There are also several RTF2HTML/RTF2TEX, RTFTOHTML programs and perl scripts floating around, google and try.

You can use EXESYMB freeware to establish a queue which does the conversion chain (convert RTFto*->PS or PCL), and finally prints the resulting document to the destination printer.
I do not use RTF printing, but have a EXECSYMB queue to print either text,PDF,JPG,GIF to Postscript queues.
(RTF could be added if there is a need).

See for example