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problem of Es45 server

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problem of Es45 server

We have noticed that for last few days in ES45 server, when we were purging the audit file after creating a new one (security.audit$journal file resides on system disk), the system seems to be hanged. Unless we have stopped the process from console of ES45 server, all terminals from where we had logged in server remain hanged. To sort out this problem, we had taken image backup of that system disk to a separate disk and restored it to original disk. The system had booted successfully, but again it hangs during the time of additional swap and page file creation. Then, we had booted the system with second shadow disk and added a new disk received from HP as shadow set member. It took almost 16 hours to complete the shadow operation.

Yesterday afternoon, the new shadow disk went to offline and had been removed from shadow set automatically. This defective disk couldn’t be initialized and can’t be mounted. After this automatic removal of faulty shadow disk we are getting a opcom message “Device DSA4: is offline, Mount verification is in progress” at about one hour interval and also error count on device PKA0: is increased.

Please guide me the root cuse of this problem?

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Re: problem of Es45 server

When the system was 'hung' what was the process state of most processes ?

If you create or extend big page or swap files, the system may appear to hang for the length of this operation, if have have turned on high-water-marking on the disk. You can temporarily turn this off with SET VOLUME/NOHIGH disk.

Analyse the PKA (SCSI adapter) or disk errors with DECevent V3.4 or SEA (System Event Analyzer, part of WEBES tool).



Re: problem of Es45 server

You should watch if PKA0 is increasing in the same order as the offline messages appear. If you got more disks or other media on that SCSI-channel mounted or not they can be suspected cause to the problem.
Or a bad SCSI-controller orcable.
But you need DECevent to get definite answers.

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Re: problem of Es45 server

Dear Kundo,

You can detect the HW problems by using SEA or send me the binary log file: "errlog.sys" so I can analyze it.
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Re: problem of Es45 server

hey Mrityu..

Still having problems with HORSE.

The primary & secondary swap spaces are already available...right..

Any reason to add more ...?

get back with the requested details..