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Questions regarding NFS mounted storage

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Questions regarding NFS mounted storage

I am running OpenVMS 8.4 with TCPIP 5.7-13.

I have mounted an NFS share with the command syntax:





I had to include the /auto command because it would not mount at all without it.

The storage appears to mount successfully as DNFS1:

I can do a $sho dev dnfs1: and see the device characteristics, the total blocks avail, etc.


However, I cannot copy anything to the "device". 

I have no experience in working with NFS shares and not sure if I need to somehow export a file system onto the device from OpenVMS.  If so, I don't know how to do that, or if my original mount command included all of the necessary params to make it usable.


Any suggestions?

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Re: Questions regarding NFS mounted storage

TCP/IP Services V5.7-13 looks to be unpatched.


The TCPIP> SHOW VERSION command shows the ECO kit notation.


Read the chapter with the NFS client documentation in the TCP/IP Services documentation, as a starting point for your quest, and for some background.  That TCP/IP Services product documentation is accessible via the OpenVMS documentation site.


Ensure that you're connecting with either NFSv2 or NFSv3 with the server as appropriate for the server; not all servers propagate both.    


TCP/IP Services prior to V5.7 ECO 2 had (only) NFSv2 client, and more than a few NFS servers don't have that enabled by default in recent years.


Check both the NFS client log and the NFS server log for anything related to the failures.


Try loading the TCP/IP Services ECO 3 kit.  (V5.7 ECO 2 "had some NFS issues", in the vernacular, and earlier V5.7 releases had some "other issues".)  ECO 3 also reportedly fixes some privilege-related errors, per another posting here today.


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Re: Questions regarding NFS mounted storage