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Setting background color with SMG$ calls

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Setting background color with SMG$ calls

I am calling smg$put_line from BASIC and setting attributes like foreground color and inverse video. I know how to set color using smg$m_user1 in the rendition-set argument, referring to smgterm.txt. What I would like to do is set both the foreground and background colors, for which I know the escape codes, but I don't know how to properly define.
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Re: Setting background color with SMG$ calls

If you have a support contract, call up HP and ask them to find the following support article for you, and other old examples that were once around:

Example-C How To Display Color Text Using SMG$ Routines
The SMG$M_USER1 through SMG$M_USER8 can be used to set user-defined attributes for the rendition-set argument to the following calls: SMG$CHANGE_RENDITION

This example code was once directly available, but looks to have been moved or deleted now; neither the James search tool nor Google return these old examples.