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Setting problem ?

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Setting problem ?


I have a Alpha Server DS10,earlier it was running with single monitor.I want to install 2nd monitor on same server with adding one VGA card inside the server.Is some software setting in BIOS or anywhere required or directly display on both monitor will come.

Plz guide
Looking some response with e.g(if setting requires)

Deepak Raheja
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Re: Setting problem ?

Have you looked at

> [...] adding one VGA card [...]

Inventory? I've never done it, but my guess
is that you need two cards of the same type.
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Re: Setting problem ?

All current versions of the SRM console (nb and FWIW: old PC boxes have BIOS, Alpha has SRM, and Integrity Itanium and some newer PC boxes have EFI) support multiple (homogeneous) graphics controllers; you'll need duplicate graphics controllers here (or one graphics controller that supports multiple graphics displays), and...

If you want specific details, you'll need to identify which specific graphics controller(s) are involved here as only one controller can be the VGA display, and how you select that depends on the controller itself, and...

You'll also want to or need to indicate whether you're using the OpenVMS DECwindows Motif or DECwindows CDE interface.

Also please indicate whether you're looking for the classic multiheaded configurations or the newer Xinerama stuff.

Here is a very basic description that will give you a few of the terms and concepts for subsequent Google searches:

Skimming the DECwindows installation and configuration documentation can also be useful here, as that discusses Xinerama and multiheaded details.
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Re: Setting problem ?

On a DS10, it will support multiple graphics displays provided that they are both OpenVMS Qualified, supported graphics cards of the same type. For example you must have two Elsa Gloria Synergy graphics cards, or two Radeon 7500 Graphics cards.

On some cards, such as the Elsa Gloria, there will be a VGA jumper that must be set to the "Enable" position, for the primary card, and must be installed in the lowest numbered PCI slot in the PCI bus that contains the ISA bridge, while the additional cards VGA jumper must be set to "disable" in order for the cards to be used properly.

Each system and card will have it's own set of configuration rules that must be followed in order for multi-headed systems to work properly. However, when setup correctly they do work very well.

After the cards are in place, and the system sees them at the SRM prompt, you can boot OpenVMS. Then in order to bring the additional card on-line, you have to make a copy of the DECW$PRIVATE_SERVER_SETUP.TEMPLATE, file and place and rename it to DECW$PRIVATE_SERVER_SETUP.COM and then restart the Decwindows Software.

Then as Hoff pointed out, you can configure the graphics cards to run as independant screens, that share the same workspace, or you can enable Xinerama (Panoramix) and configure the cards to work as one big screen. Every thing is configured through the DECW$PRIVATE_SERVER_SETUP.COM file.


- Rick Retterer