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uic error

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uic error

at times when i want to give access, i get this error below. later when i use any other uic it works. Iam using vms v7.3

%UAF-E-UICERR, error in UIC specification \[100,3059]\
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Re: uic error


the group and member numbers are in OCTAL, not decimal, so 3059 is not a valid number.

If you are trying to add users in a numeric order then the next valid octal value after 3057 would be 3060. Valid octal digits are 0 thru 7 only.

UICERR, error in UIC specification

Facility: UAF, Authorize Utility

Explanation: A user identification code (UIC) was specified incorrectly.

User identification codes have the format [group,member],
where the values for group and member can be numeric or
alphanumeric. The system translates each code into a 32-
bit octal string; the high-order 16 bits are the group
identifier, the low-order 16 bits are the member identifier.
The member identifier must be unique for each system user.
In a numeric UIC, the group identifier can have an octal
value between 1 and 37776. The member identifier can have
an octal value between 0 and 177776. You can omit leading
zeros when specifying a numeric identifier. In an alphanumeric
UIC, the group and member identifiers can have between 1 and
31 characters, of which at least one must be alphabetic.
Alphabetic characters are the letters A to Z, and the
underscore and dollar sign symbols.

User Action: Correct the specification of the UIC.

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Re: uic error

> Mar 10, 2009 23:05:50 GMT 6 pts

How was Duncan's answer incomplete (only 6 pts rather than 10)? What more are you looking for?
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Re: uic error

>> only 6 pts rather than 10

Well Jim,
Duncan did not fix the problem did he now? He did NOT make that UIC work. He merely explained in great detail that is was not a valid UIC and what to do. Slacker!

And furthermore, don't you know that as far as points go, it is not about giving the correct answer, it is all about giving the answer they want to hear!

Seriously though, It had me wondering for a second, but there could be a much more simple explanation. Just plain 'ole oops during an assign. It is all too easy to have the drop box highlighted and then scroll selecting an unintended value. I know it happened to me, and there is (was?) no correcting once you submit.