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Unable to Download Patch

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Unable to Download Patch

I would like to download 2 patches:
VMS83A_MONTOR-V0300 and

When I select these patches I am told that
they are dependent upon patch kit
VMS83A_UPDATE-V1100 and the system will
not let me have access since VMS83A_UPDATE-V1100 apparently has been withdrawn.

Here is the problem ... I already have kit
UPDATE-V1100 and for that matter UPDATE-V1200
and actually both have been applied.

So why can't I have MONTOR and IMGDMP?

It seems that in cases like this maybe a bit
more investigation by the down-load system
might be in order.

Not truly serious ... but really curious.

Thank you.

Bob Olewine
UT M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Houston, TX

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Re: Unable to Download Patch

Download system? Um, somebody actually uses that? Easier to grab'm off the ftp server yourself.

$ directory/ftp/anonymous - ftp.itrc.hp.com::"/openvms_patches/alpha/V8.3/"

$ pipe directory/ftp/anonymous ftp.itrc.hp.com::"/openvms_patches/alpha/V8.3/" | search sys$pipe imgdmp,montor
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Re: Unable to Download Patch

That works !!!

Thank you Hoff !
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Re: Unable to Download Patch


I've informed the Office of OpenVMS programs. Let's see if that will help.

This kind of problem comes up from time to time and it's really an ITRC patch download application problem. The application does not understand, that a -V1200 version of a patch superseeds a -V1100 version of the same patch. VMS83A_UPDATE-V1100 had been replaced by VMS83A_UPDATE-V1200 because of a security problem and the V1100 file has removed from the download area.

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Re: Unable to Download Patch

Thank you Volker.

I've seen this before and did not know how to
notify HP.

Having the FTP site is also a good workaround
and I used it Friday afternoon.

I like using the ITRC because their ZIP files
are convenient and I can use the Master ECO list as a paper trail.
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Re: Unable to Download Patch

The master list is posted to the same ftp directory as the patch kits, FWIW.

If you're following patches, there are RSS feeds available for subscription in your preferred feed reader; feeds that are updated when patches are announced.

More than a few folks have DCL procedures which will get a directory listing and will download (new or updated) patches on a daily or weekly basis, too.

This basic detection-and-download mechanism would be a nice enhancement to VMS, too. (Though few would want these newly-arrived kits automatically installed.)



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Re: Unable to Download Patch


the ITRC download problem with VMS83A_MONTOR-V0300 and the missing VMS83A_UPDATE-V1100 kit has been fixed. I have verified the fix just a minute ago.

HP listens to reasonable feedback - that's good !

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Re: Unable to Download Patch

Volker and Hoff, ...

Thank you both for the really invaluable
information. I have made bookmarks where
I could.

I'm glad HP as fixed the download appliacation
. I'm sure it will help (me and others) in the

I think I'll close the thread now.

Thank you again.

Bob Olewine /