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VMS 5.5-2H4,MicroVAX 3100,system problem

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VMS 5.5-2H4,MicroVAX 3100,system problem

I am very glad to receive so many feedbacks about my question.I must say thank you to all of you.But my problem can not be solved.So I should say something about my problem in detail.

First of all ,two weeks ago,everything was fine on my device(both software and hardware).

And now when I want to startup coldly my BC(an app on my device)the problems occur,as follows:

the picture below display where my system is stuck:IMG_Ali_00284.jpg

In order to solve the problem,I find out the three questions below:

Before I operate BC,there are two questions,
1. SUBMIT-F-OPENIN ,error opening SAP:【SYSEXE】WATCHDISK.COM;as input RMS-F-DEV,error in device name or inappropriate device type for operation .

show logical SAP
2.DECW-W-NODEVICE,No graphics device found on this system DECW-I-NODECW,DECwindows graphics drivers will not be loaded SYSTEM job terminated at 22-AGU-2014 20:08(my device doesn't have a graphics device).

After  I operate BC,there is another question as the picture shows,picture about question 3.jpg

3.DCL-W-ACTIMAGE, error activating image TRCGNLSEC-CLI-E-IMGNAME,image
file $1$DKA300:[SYSCOMMON.][SYSLIB]TRCGBLSEC.EXE;2-SYSTEM-F-NOINSTALL,writable shareable images must be installed.

I need your help in a hurry!Thank you with all my heart in advance!

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Re: VMS 5.5-2H4,MicroVAX 3100,system problem

These errors in the local site-specific startup and/or in the local hardware are usually straightforward for an experienced OpenVMS system manager to solve, by examining the contents of the startup, and checking for hardware failures.  


Please see your previous thread for suggestions on how to do this.


None of what you've posted in this new thread particularly changes any of this situation, nor does this change any of the previous recommendations from your previous thread.  


All of what you've posted is within the site-specific startup procedures, and these are typically customized locally.   Again, this does not appear to be an error in some generic command procedure or tool; in something that the folks here can provide you with a specific solution for.  


Somebody with some familiarity with DCL and VMS system management is going to have to slog through the site-specific startup procedure, and — if the error is secondary to a disk failure, as is typical for these sorts of questions — slog through the device hardware, and then through whatever backups might be available.


Again, please see your previous thread.