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VMS_CHECK installation problem

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VMS_CHECK installation problem

I just downloaded and unzipped the VMS_CHECK
utility to my Alpha 400/266 running VMS7.3-2.
I unzipped VMS_CHECK.ZIP using the Alpha unzip.exe as file vms_check-feb07.a;1.
I then tried to use VMSINSTAL to load the program. VMSINSTAL says the file is not a
BACKUP save image and terminates the process.
The VMS Journal article does not give any info
on the installation procedure. Is this a
"Intuitively obvious to the casual observer" procedure?
Thanks for any info on installing this utility.
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Re: VMS_CHECK installation problem

The .A file probably simply has the wrong attributes ($DIR/FULL).

Below the signature a few lines of DCL I wrote a decade ago to help fix such issues.
Try it. Google for 'backup openvms attributes' will probably reveal many alteratives.

If you still have trouble post a $DIR/FULL output for the unzipped file and perhpas attache a .TXT file with the DUMP/BLOCK=COUNT=1 output.



$!------- FIXSAVESET.COM --------
$IF p1.EQS."" THEN INQUIRE p1 "Save set file name ?"
$IF f$search(p1).EQS."" THEN EXIT
$WRITE SYS$OUTPUT " RFM was ", F$FILE(p1,"RFM"), ", MRS = ", -
F$FILE(p1,"MRS"), ", LRL = ", F$FILE(p1,"LRL"), "."
$SET FILE /ATTR=(RFM=FIX, MRS=44, LRL=44) 'p1 ! Easier for DCL
$OPEN/READ file 'p1
$READ file record
$CLOSE file
$mrs = F$CVSI(40*8,32,record)
$WRITE SYS$OUTPUT "Setting blocksize to: ",MRS
$SET FILE /ATTR=(RFM=FIX, MRS='mrs', LRL='mrs') 'p1

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Re: VMS_CHECK installation problem

Standard questions:

1. what version of unzip did you use
2. What is the exact error message you get when you do: $ backup/list vms_check-feb07.a/save
3. What is output of directory/ful vms_check-feb07.a

There are several possibilities, but most likely the file attributes on the backup saveset are incorrect.

This utility will fix backup savesets that have the incorrect file attributes in the file header. (Thanks to Steven Schweda)

it depends
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Re: VMS_CHECK installation problem

It appears to be a less than optimal creation of a zip archive of a BACKUP saveset, a saveset that was itself created with an unusual and obviously confusing file extension; it's not a VMSINSTAL kit.

Get yourself a copy of RESET_BACKUP_SAVESET_FILE_ATTRIBUTES.COM from 000TOOLS on the OpenVMS Freeware:


(or on a local OpenVMS Freeware distro disk)

and use the following:



$ backup vms_check-feb07.a /save /log [.dirname]

You'll find a variety of files in your new [.dirname] directory.

As for the packaging, I've have expected to have found the files stored directly within the zip archive, and the archive itself created with "-V" to preserve file attributes. Not files wrapped within a BACKUP saveset. (I'm guessing that the omission of "-V" and the failure to preserve the attributes was why the files were nested.) I certainly do understand your puzzlement here.

Stephen Hoffman
HoffmanLabs LLC
Honored Contributor

Re: VMS_CHECK installation problem

I have a rebuilt zip (vms_check_feb07_2.zip) available, if you can't sort this out.

$ zip "-Vv" vms_check_feb07_2.zip [.vms_check]*.*
adding: [.VMS_CHECK]DFG$MESSAGE_ALPHA.EXE (in=46734) (out=16814) (deflated 64%)
adding: [.VMS_CHECK]DFG$MESSAGE_IA64.EXE (in=48236) (out=17278) (deflated 64%)
adding: [.VMS_CHECK]DFG$MESSAGE_VAX.EXE (in=46190) (out=16690) (deflated 64%)
.... (in=172428) (out=77344) (deflated 55%)
adding: [.VMS_CHECK]DFG$UTILITYSHR_IA64.EXE......... (in=348160) (out=98828) (deflated 72%)
adding: [.VMS_CHECK]DFG$UTILITYSHR_VAX.EXE.. (in=105146) (out=44200) (deflated 58%)
adding: [.VMS_CHECK]DFGDCL_ALPHA.EXE........ (in=296960) (out=149179) (deflated 50%)
adding: [.VMS_CHECK]DFGDCL_IA64.EXE................. (in=595456) (out=196565) (deflated 67%)
adding: [.VMS_CHECK]DFGDCL_VAX.EXE.... (in=165888) (out=68467) (deflated 59%)
adding: [.VMS_CHECK]HSDSA-SCRIPT-ALPHA.EXE (in=63488) (out=24391) (deflated 62%)
adding: [.VMS_CHECK]HSDSA-SCRIPT-VAX.EXE (in=13312) (out=6418) (deflated 52%)
adding: [.VMS_CHECK]HSJ_CHECK.COM (in=19594) (out=6063) (deflated 69%)
adding: [.VMS_CHECK]MSE_DEFRAGMENT_JUNIOR_IA64.CLD (in=7344) (out=1589) (deflated 78%)
adding: [.VMS_CHECK]MSE_DEFRAGMENT_SENIOR_IA64.CLD (in=13810) (out=2243) (deflated 84%)
adding: [.VMS_CHECK]MSE_DEFRAG_ALPHA.CLD (in=1152) (out=670) (deflated 42%)
adding: [.VMS_CHECK]MSE_DEFRAG_IA64.CLD (in=13810) (out=2243) (deflated 84%)
adding: [.VMS_CHECK]MSE_DEFRAG_VAX.CLD (in=1148) (out=669) (deflated 42%)
adding: [.VMS_CHECK]README.TXT (in=11342) (out=4747) (deflated 58%)
adding: [.VMS_CHECK]VMS_CHECK-BRIEF.COM (in=1678) (out=868) (deflated 48%)
adding: [.VMS_CHECK]VMS_CHECK-DETAIL.COM (in=1746) (out=896) (deflated 49%)
adding: [.VMS_CHECK]VMS_CHECK-README.HTML (in=11358) (out=4759) (deflated 58%)
adding: [.VMS_CHECK]VMS_CHECK-README.TXT (in=11342) (out=4747) (deflated 58%)
adding: [.VMS_CHECK]VMS_CHECK-RUN.COM (in=1656) (out=855) (deflated 48%)
adding: [.VMS_CHECK]VMS_CHECK.COM....... (in=275204) (out=68361) (deflated 75%)
adding: [.VMS_CHECK]VMS_CHECK.COM-PREV...... (in=259402) (out=65363) (deflated 75%)
adding: [.VMS_CHECK]VMS_CHECK.TXT....... (in=275204) (out=68361) (deflated 75%)
total bytes=2807788, compressed=948608 -> 66% savings
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Re: VMS_CHECK installation problem

Hoff and Hein,

Step outside an witness the lunar eclipse. This is the first time it's been clear enought here in Cleveland to be able to see well.

p.s. zero points for this.

it depends
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Re: VMS_CHECK installation problem

Jon, Already did that, with the whole family on the back porch. Cold, clear night. Neat. :-) Hein.
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Re: VMS_CHECK installation problem

Well, It wasn't actually "Intuitive to even the most casual observer" after all.
I just got back into the OpenVMS saddle after the past few years running AIX, Tru64 and HP-UX. So, I'm still catching up on all
the latest nuances and "oh, by-the-way" tips with the VMS 7.3 and up.

The saveset repair utility did the job.
Thank you all for the quick and accurate replies !!