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WSIT web service and MessageQ

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WSIT web service and MessageQ

Has anyone created a web service that uses DECMessageQ / BEAMessageQ, now Oracle MessageQ? I am using an Itanium running OpenVMS V8.3 and MessageQ V5.0.

We just installed Apache/Tomcat/WSIT last month and am trying to get my first application to work. I have been generating both the JSP client and the web service during the build. I was using the JSP to test my application and everything was going nicely. I finally downloaded SOAPUI to test the web service code and I get an inconsistent use of protocols error:

soapenv:WSIT status = 0 OpenVMS status = 0

com.hp.wsi.WsiException: Inconsistent use of Protocols

To prove that it was MessageQ, I took the SWAP example that came with the WSIT toolkit, built it as received and it worked fine. Then I added a dmq attach, rebuilt it and get the above error. Again, the rebuilt JSP works fine. Note that to get MessageQ to work with the JSP client, I had to define the necessary MessageQ logicals for the APACHE$WWW account's UIC group (which was 200,1).