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pwrmgr: Unable to create an event ...sys.unix.power.state_change

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pwrmgr: Unable to create an event ...sys.unix.power.state_change

Hello all,


Have seen this message 4 times yesterday in a XP1000 Workstation /var/adm/messages log file ...


     pwrmgr: Unable to create an event ...sys.unix.power.state_change


What does it mean ?. Could sb. explain it, please?.


Perhaps the power supply is not stable enough or is it beginning to fail ?.

Or is it, perhaps, complaining about the quality of the mains supply?


TIA, Javier.


Re: pwrmgr: Unable to create an event ...sys.unix.power.state_change



There appear to be two issues here.  The first question is: what does the event mean?  If you check the Event Manager reference at http://h30097.www3.hp.com/docs/base_doc/DOCUMENTATION/V51B_HTML/SUPPDOCS/EVMREF/EVMREF.HTM#sys.unix.power.state_change, it says "This event is posted by a power-managed device when a power state change occurs on that device - for example, when a disk goes from being spun up to spun down.".  To find out more about it, you'd need to examine the detailsof the posted event.  


Which brings us to the second issue: apparently there is a problem posting the event.  Is event logging configured properly and working on the system (has it ever worked)?  Is the EVM daemon running?  (you can check with "ps -ef | grep evmd").



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Re: pwrmgr: Unable to create an event ...sys.unix.power.state_change

Thank you so much for the clarification.
Indeed, the EVM was not running!.
And thank you also for the link to the docs. (I had been searching for this message in the docs, also have been googling it, but was not able to find anything related to it). Now i have the proper link. Thanks!.