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HP refuses to honor my warranty Case # 300 617 7410 - So what now?

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HP refuses to honor my warranty Case # 300 617 7410 - So what now?

Ater years of HP computers, we are saying goodbye.   We have bought many desktops from Sam's Clubs and had very few problems, but our newest computer -  an HP 500 - 037-cb bought at the SAM's Club on Mingo Road in Tulsa OK stopped working altogether after less than 6 months on the job.


The problem began over a week ago when the computer simply would not boot.   I contacted the service center (in India).  A friendly lady walked me through a procedure to insure the integritty of all connections inside the ICU case.  After about an hour she determined I needed to speak with a man named "Ashok" who explained the return process and asked me to send him the serial and procuct numbers as well as a scanned receipt indicating purchase date. 


I complied with the understanding I would get an email message confirming our conversation and disposition.


The email did not come.   The following day I called again and was told to resend the information because the files I sent were too large.  I confirmed the email address and resent the scan file reduced to a tiny file size.


Still I received no confirmation of receipt or further instructions.  It was Thursday 21, 2014.  I called again and they asked me to send a third time and assured I would receive a shipper carton & call tag by Monday 8/25.  Again I did not get a promised email confirming my having contacted HP.   I called again Friday and they told me they would send an email and I would get my shipper box and call tag no later than 8/25/2014.


It never came (It is 8:00 PM CDST Tuesday 8/26/2014) and I have yet to receive the package.  Earlier today I  took the issue to the Sam's store where I purchased the computer less than 6 months ago.   I left the computer with the manager for an hour so he could contact HP.  When I returned he told me the service people would immediately send an email and then send a shipper box and call tag.  I never got the email and - after four promises to send the shipper/call tag - I don't expect to receive it.


As a person who earns a living managing 5 equity portfolios as well as manufacturing and selling a specialty product line for in home consumer use,  I can scarcely survive without a desktop with multiple screens for multitasking.  When we have any warranty issues they are handled immediately at little or no cost - not for a year - but for as long as we are in business.  ANd we plan to continue for many more years - albeit without HP Pavillions on staff desks.


We became HP customers after being Packard Bell customers when we started our business 2 decades ago.    We thought of HP as  a company with unwavering commitment to the desktop concept.  While many professionals depend primarily on laptops and pads,  we simply can't conduct business without a high performance multi-screen multitasking Pavillions. 


After several trouble free years of using our  a6537c Pavillion with a high end NVidia 4 screen video card, we decided to purchase a new HP Pavillion Model 500-037cb with supposedly even greater capability. 


After years of being part of our success,  HP has let us down in a big way.   After many phone calls, many log periods being on hold, and after many broken promises, the India based service group has demonstrated no willingness to honor the warranty on my Pavillion Desktop Model 500-037cb puchased at Sams Club on February 27, 2014.   Despite their assurances, they have not followed through on a single commitment.  I have received no email and I have received no confirmation of them sending a promised shipper box and call tag as they promised .  I have zero faith that HP has any intention of honoring this warranty.  As with many companies, they know the cost and inconvenience of my company  pursuing HP to act responsibly is not worth the time and money. 


I have sent proof of purchase and cited the Case #300-617-7410 five times and have yet to receive the courtesy of a response.  This level of customer neglect is among the most blatantly irresponsible and callous I have ever experienced.  I am constantly on the phone flipping through screens multitasking and talking to customers.


I have lived a week in utter frustration.   Having used HPs for twenty years, I really don't know where to begin to get the performance and reliability I had always depended on.


Robert Sheldon Padawer

President - Artisan Design, Inc.