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SUSE Linux (SLES10) imaging problems


SUSE Linux (SLES10) imaging problems

I am trying to capture an existing SUSE linux (SLES10) image from a BL460c. The job fails with either of two errors: "Rdeploy: The operating system reported a fatal exception; Error code" 6 & "Unable to boot to Linux automation; error code 116" I have checked the errors and the altiris error code pdf says to retry or contact altiris. Error 116 suggests PSP update and PXE boot order priority to 1st, both of which I have done.
I can deploy windows and SUSE linux images, but cannot seem to capture!?! I have regenerated the LinPE pxe image to no avail.
Any suggestions?
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Re: SUSE Linux (SLES10) imaging problems

I had the same problem when trying to capture SUSE image using reiserfs filesystem. After changing it to ext3 it captured without any problems.