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207 memory initialization


207 memory initialization

Resolved an issue where an Uncorrectable Memory Error is inaccurately reported in the Integrated Management Log (IML) when a DIMM fails to properly initialize during system boot. The inaccurate message states "207-Uncorrectable Memory Error detected by ROM-based memory validation (Memory Module X)" where X indicates an incorrect DIMM number. The IML will now report "207-Memory initialization error on Processor X DIMM Y. The operating system may not have access to all of the memory installed in the system." where X indicates the processor number and Y indicates the DIMM number for the DIMM that failed to initialize properly"


Sometimes the issue persists because of the Processor socket too.

Also sometimes due to unclean socket for the DIMMS.


  • Upgrade bios to Version: 2009.10.01
  • Minimum Config to check if the slot is faulty or the DIMM
  • Re-Sit the DIMM
  • Swap Memory Module around to check the same.
  • Replace DIMM if identified to be as a DIMM error else replace sysboard.

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Re: 207 memory initialization


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