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bnx2: firmware not running aborting


bnx2: firmware not running aborting



After doing online firmware upgrades on a DL360G5 - remotely

the session hanged and were unable to reconnect (nor via ILO).

The update of Broadcom NIC was not completed and the system was totally hung.
Console cannot be reached via ILO - after visiting the server personally, nothing was

visible on screen, until disconnecting from power source (yes, turn off/on not helped).


Sadly the BIOS shows no MAC addresses for the onboard NICs, but says disabled.


It's definitely not hardware issue (everything was functioning before).

Sadly the online firmware updater needs the NIC to be online (ifconfig visible) but the NIC is not attached to eth device under Linux. Nor the latest SmartUpdate (10.10) finds the NIC on the board :-(

i'm interested if there is a software way to fix this, or i have to replace the motherboard (or insert a dualport NIC).

Thanks for any advices!


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Re: bnx2: firmware not running aborting

Hi! I have good news.


I managed to solve the problem:


Please contact me if you need help.

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Re: bnx2: firmware not running aborting

I could use some help with this.


I cant seem to find the iso file that contains the xdiag utility that supports the engineering mode.


I've been looking through the different downloads on the Broadcom Netextreem II site, but it only has the xdiag user utilities at the bottom of the page.


Can you please post a link to  the download for the iso that contains xdiag utility which has the engineering mode parameter?


Is this something you had to add to the ISO?



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Re: bnx2: firmware not running aborting

I run in the same problem when running the HP Smart Update DVD (2014.02) with a HP ProLiant

DL380 G5 via iLO virtual media. When doing the reboot after the successful update the System

hangs and need a physical power down/up, then both NICs were dead.


A really annoying serious bug, someone should open a ticket.


Unfortunately my server was out of support, so I was forced to use the xdiag tool to reflash

the bootloader and setup the additional nv ram config (MAC addresses etc.). This was not so

easy as expected, there is no ready to run boot media, I have to search for the xdiag tool,

the right bootloader for the BCM5708. Then I had to build a bootable cd with freedos (using


When reflashing you need physical access to the server, for a real powerdown (not possible

via the powerbutton) after flashing.