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DL 180 G5 server wont boot

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DL 180 G5 server wont boot

Hello All,


I am seeking some advice, I came on Tuesday and one the hard drive in a raid 5 was dead. I put in a new drive it rebuild it. Now when I boot it does not boot. What can be the issue. I will attach my report and a screenshot of the last screen. Any advice will be great.

No current backup so need to get the data off the drives


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Re: DL 180 G5 server wont boot

ACU Version
Diagnostic Module Version
INFOMGR Version 6.1-18.0
Time Generated Thursday January 05, 2017 9:31:45PM

Device Summary:
Smart Array E200 in Embedded Slot

Consolidated Error Report:
Controller: Smart Array E200 in Embedded Slot
Message: The cache is temporarily disabled

Report for Smart Array E200 in Embedded Slot

Smart Array E200 in Embedded Slot : Device Error Report

Device Severity Error
--------------------------------- -------- ---------------------------------
Smart Array E200 in Embedded Slot Critical The cache is temporarily disabled

Smart Array E200 in Embedded Slot : Identify Controller

Configured Logical Drives 1 (0x01)
Configuration Signature 0xa0080777
RAM Firmware Revision 1.66
ROM Firmware Revision 1.66
Hardware Revision 0x00
Boot Block Revision 1.66
Drive Present Map 0x00000000
External Drive Map 0x00000000
Board ID 0x3212103c
Swapped Cable Flags 0x00
Non Disk Map 0x00000000
Bad Host RAM Addr 0x00
CPU Revision 0x00
PDPI Revision 0x00
EPIC Revision 0x00
WCXC Revision 0x00
Marketing Revision A
Controller Flags 0x8c
Position Controller Flag Status
-------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------
2 Firmware has been upgraded to support capacity expansion operations that require more than 65535 sectors (32MB) to be relocated per expand iteration Informational
3 Firmware supports 15 drives per SCSI bus Informational
7 Firmware supports the new big drive assignment maps (128 bits) as well as the big physical drive numbering (0x80+) Informational

Host Flags 0x00
Expand Disable Code 0x21
Position Expand Disable Code Status
-------- -------------------- -------------
0 Expand Not Needed Informational
5 Batteries Discharged Informational

Protocol Chip Count 0x01
Maximum Blocks 65535 (0x0000ffff)
Controller Clock 0x000010e2
Drives Per Bus 0 (0x00)
Big Drive Present Map 0xff 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00
Position Device Status
-------- ---------------------------------- -------------
0 Physical Drive (450 GB SAS) 1I:1:1 Informational
1 Physical Drive (450 GB SAS) 1I:1:2 Informational
2 Physical Drive (450 GB SAS) 1I:1:3 Informational
3 Physical Drive (450 GB SAS) 1I:1:4 Informational
4 Physical Drive (450 GB SAS) 2I:1:5 Informational
5 Physical Drive (450 GB SAS) 2I:1:6 Informational
6 Physical Drive (450 GB SAS) 2I:1:7 Informational
7 Physical Drive (450 GB SAS) 2I:1:8 Informational

Big External Drive Map All Zeroes (16 x [0x00])
Big Non Disk Map All Zeroes (16 x [0x00])
Task Flags 0x00c0
Busses For ICL 0 (0x00)
Supported Controller Modes 0x00
Current Controller Mode Not Redundant (0x00)
Controller Status 0x00
Position Controller Status Status
-------- ----------------- -------------
0 Location External Informational

Redundant Failure Reason 0x00
Unsupported NILE Busses 0x00
Host I2C Autorev 0xc1
CPLD Revision 0x09
Fibre Chip Count 0 (0x00)
Daughterboard Type 0x00
More Swapped Cable Flags 0x00
License Key Status 0x00
Position License Key Status Status
-------- ---------------------------- -------------
3 License Keys Supported False Informational

Access Module Status 0x00
ADG Support 0x00
Features Supported All Zeroes (11 x [0x00])
ROM Inactive Revision empty
Active ROM Status 0x10
PPC to PCI Bridge Status 0x00
Redundant Server Info 0x00000000
Percent Write Cache 50% (0x32)
Cache Size In MB 128 MB (0x0080)
Cache Battery Count 1 (0x01)
Total Controller Memory Size 0x0080
More Controller Flags 0xb8
Position Controller Flag Status
-------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------
3 Firmware supports deferred code load drive firmware updates Informational
4 Firmware supports basic splitting and resyncing of mirrored volumes Informational
5 Controller implements SAS changes documented in the firmware spec Informational
7 Firmware supports greater than 2TB logical volumes Informational