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DL380 G5, Smart Array P400 - few questions about recovering

Occasional Collector

DL380 G5, Smart Array P400 - few questions about recovering

Good morning!

I have few questions about disk recovering under Smart Array P400.


We bought DL380 G5 with 4x500GB Toshiba SATA disks, everything have worked fine for 4 years.

We have RAID10 of 4 disks, it's one logical disk with size 931,5GB, disks are in 1-4 bays in Cage1.

Last week, disk from bay 4 started to recovering time after time, whole system slowed down so I decided to replace this disk with new WD RED 750GB SATA. Recovery hanged at 4% for few hours, but maybe after 6-7 hours it was recovered (I think but percents wasn't going up). My first question:

How can I check if this disk was really recovered?


I checked this removed Toshiba under HD Tune and it has bad sectors. My second question:

Why HP ACU didn't notice that? Are there some tools to check RAID disks for bad sectors?


Now I want to replace all Toshiba disk to WD REDs 750GB, yesterday I tried to replace disk from bay 2 (bad sectors at Toshiba too, more than on previous disk).

It goes well until that 4% hangs, I thought that it will be like with disk from bay 4, but after few hours system hanged completly. I had to reboot server and remove this WD RED from bay 2 to make system works (Windows Server SBS 2011). Now i have bay 2 empty and I don't know what to do. Is there a chance that bay 2 is failed?

Can I try to seat this disk in bays 5-8 maybe and try to recover?


I will be grateful for Your help.