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DL380 G9: How long time to expand array?


DL380 G9: How long time to expand array?

I have 2 DL380 G9 (with P440ar).

I want to expand the existing 6x 1.8TB RAID-6 array with 5 new disks - giving me about 9TB extra space.

According to "HPE Smart Storage Administrator User Guide":

IMPORTANT: An array expansion, logical drive extension, or logical drive migration takes
about 15 minutes per gigabyte. While this process is occurring, no other expansion, extension,
or migration can occur simultaneously on the same controller.

This means that a 9TB expansion will take 93 days???

  • Can this really be true?
  • Wil I be able to create a new logical drive after starting the array expansion, or will I have to wait 93 days???
  • Is the array degraded while the expansion is taking place?

Any comments on this are welcome. :)