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HP Proliant DL380P gen8 compatible memory modules

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HP Proliant DL380P gen8 compatible memory modules

Hi I have a HP proliant DL380P gen8 server with 32 RAM installed (All modules are 8GB each). The Assembly Part number of  the RAMs are 647650-071.  I need to installed another 48GB RAM on it. So do I have to install same part number or can I mix with Option part: 647897-B21 or Spare Part: 664690-001. Source

  • If it possible to mix ram still can I get a maximum perfomance
  • Will RAM runs on v1.35 instead of v1.5

Please help me.

Thank you very much


Re: HP Proliant DL380P gen8 compatible memory modules


647650-071 = Assembly part number
647897-B21 = Option part number
664690-001 = Spare part number

The above numbers are used internally for different reasons. However, the DIMM remains the same. All the above numbers refer to the same model of DIMM - 8GB PC3L-10600R - Registered Synchronous Random Access Memory (SDRAM), Dual Data Rate (DDR3), Dual In-Line Memory Module (DIMM), 1Gx72

IMPORTANT: This server does not support mixing LRDIMMs, RDIMMs, UDIMMs, or HDIMMs. Attempting to mix any combination of these DIMMs can cause the server to halt during BIOS initialization.

Please refer to the below links for more details

Certain performance features are unique with SmartMemory. SmartMemory 1.35V DDR3-1333 Registered memory is engineered to achieve the same performance level as 1.5V memory. For example, while the industry supports DDR3-1333 RDIMM at 1.5V, this Gen8 server supports DDR3-1333 RDIMM up to 3 DIMMs per channel at 1066 MT/s running at 1.35V.

Please reply for any further clarification

Thank you

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Re: HP Proliant DL380P gen8 compatible memory modules

To check all Supportet Memory Configuratons use this Tool:


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Re: HP Proliant DL380P gen8 compatible memory modules

The link given is for newer sers, for older servers use


(same landing page)


Select DDR 3 Memory!

Hope this helps!

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Re: HP Proliant DL380P gen8 compatible memory modules

Performance-wise it is best to have all channels populated, up to 2 DIMMs per channel in general.

Config is depending on CPU (do you have 1 or 2). Since HPE 8GB DDR3L are ridiculously cheap as refurbished (as Low as 25€ / 30 U$), I would suggest for best performance possible:

128GB RAM in case of 2 CPU (16x 8GB ie 4 existing + 12 additional; 4 channels filled, 2 DPC, 1333MHz @1.35V)

96GB RAM in case of 1 CPU (4x 8GB existing + 4x additional 16GB 647901-B21 - as low as 60U$/60 / piece; 4 channels filled, 2 DPC, 1333MHz @1.35V)