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HP Smart array P440ar replacement, has lost drives

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HP Smart array P440ar replacement, has lost drives


I recently had a P440ar fail in a DL380 Gen9 server and i have replaced it and it has been recognized by the system, I booted into the OS but the local storage array wasn't visible in ESXi. I rebooted into the HPSSA and now see the drives have all been disabled when i go into the HPSSA utility with a warning that the drive contain Smart Array  or Smart HBA configuration data and has been disabled in order to protect the configuration data. Please run the "Clear Configuration data" command on the drive to re-enable it.

I see the P440ar controller has been set to HBA mode? Could this possibly be the reason the drives have been disabled? If i set the controller to "Enalbe Smart Array Mode" and reboot the server, will this bring back the drives without losing the data on them? 

I tried to look at some other DL380 we have using the iLO to see wha the P440ar controller is set too, but can't find any info.

Any info would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks Michael.


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Re: HP Smart array P440ar replacement, has lost drives


Got confirmation that i could switch from HBA mode to Smart Array mode without loosing the data. Be nice if this had been documented in the HPE support info for the array controller.

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Re: HP Smart array P440ar replacement, has lost drives

Documentation says RAID drives are hidden when switching to HBA mode to protect data.
This is what you have seen.

Hope this helps!

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