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Intra-System Array Migration, p410i, p812

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Intra-System Array Migration, p410i, p812

Here is what I would like to do: 

  1. Move my OS Drive from a p410i controller to a p812 controller.
  2. Move one 35 disk drawer of my MDS 600 from a current existing p812 controller to a new p812 controller.

I have a DL380G7 Proliant server and right now it has a single p812 controller with 1GB Flash backed cache & a single p410i controller that has no cache at all.  The OS drive is hosted on two 10K SAS drives configured in a mirrored array that is currently on the p410i controller.  I have an MDS 600 attached to the p812 controller that is fully maxed out with 64 luns.  The MDS600 itself actually holds 70 drives and it does have the full 70 drives installed.  That means that I have 6 drives I can't use.  I purchased a 2nd p812 controller which is identical to the first.


My questions are pretty simple. 


  1. Can I move the OS mirrored array from the 410i to the new p812 without having to reinstall the OS?
  2. Can I move one of the 35 disk drawers from the MDS 600 from the legacy p812 to the new p812 without having to redo all the mount points and restoration of the daya?


I know that the RAID configuration is on the disks, but am not sure much that will help in this scenario.


Any information greatly appreciated.



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