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Logical Volume Error on VMWare Host

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Logical Volume Error on VMWare Host

Hello everyone,

I've just started to recieve an error message in Veeam One and Vcentre saying that a Volume has failed in one of our Host servers.

I did not build this network nor do I have any documentation to assist, so I'm demystifying things as I go.

I've done some research and they all suggest a disk has failed in the set and must be replaced, so I've got some replacments lined up ready to be delivered, but first I wanted to confirm the disks are actually faulty or whether it's the raid card or somehting else that will rectify itself after a reboot.

This a VMWare host running vsphere and when viewing the hardware status tab for this host it says:

Logical Volume 1 on HPSA1: RAID 5: 1117GB: DISK 1,2,3,4,5: FAILED, out of 268 sensors.

Now despite that message the 5 disks that make up this array are all reported as working fine and have green lights next to them in the same hardware window, so can anyone advise me as to how I can best determine where the problem lies and how to resovle it?

Just to say the server is running and so far (touch wood) no virtual servers running on there have been majorly affected (things seem a little slow to me is all), but as it's not running Windows on the server do I need to boot from the SmartStart CD and run some diagnostics on the disks and go from there?

This is a production system and this host has several file-sharing servers and our Exchange email server running on it, so I'm going to see if I can move some of those to another storage location, but I don't have the capacity to have them actually run on another host (I've maxed out all CPU and RAM resources across all Hosts to get the best performance) so I'm just trying to avoid losing the vmware image files in case I lose all data on the volume.

So the plan is move the critical server images to another location but leave them assigned to this Host, then power down the host and reboot to run the disk diagnostics from CD and see what happens -anyone think there's a better way?

Thanks in advance.