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Mixing of SAS and SATA in DL120 G7


Mixing of SAS and SATA in DL120 G7



Does anyone here have tried to mix SAS and SATA in DL120 G7 Server?


I'm using a configurator (SBW) and when i try to add sas and sata in the same server it will show an error.

"SATA and SAS Hard Drives can not be configured in the same system."


I look all over the internet and some HP site shows that it is supported some were not.

I've email my problem to HP Support but until now there is no feedback.


Also, do you have supporting documents whether mixing of SAS and SATA in DL120 G7 is supported or not.


Re: Mixing of SAS and SATA in DL120 G7



My answer is purely based on HP ProLiant DL120 Generation 7 (G7) QuickSpecs


NOTE: SAS requires optional HBA or SA card

Onboard HP Smart Array B110i SATA RAID Controller supports SATA Drives.


Performance Model 628692-001 comes with HP Smart Array P212/256MB Controller which is a SAS model.
Smart Buys model 658417-S01 comes with HP Smart Array P410/ZM 2-ports Int PCIe x8 FIO SAS Controller.


So according to the QuickSpecs for SATA you can use B110i controller but for SAS you need an optional SAS controller card.


Thank You!
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Re: Mixing of SAS and SATA in DL120 G7

This baffles me as well. I dont see any reason why you cant mix the drives. Of course you cant add SAS when using the onboard B110i but quickspecs for P212 and P410 shows mixing of SAS/SATA is supported.



Mix-and-match SAS and SATA hard drives, lets you deploy drive technology as needed to fit your computing environment.


I spoke with HP about this and one guy said it should work but other guys stick to SBW rules.



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Re: Mixing of SAS and SATA in DL120 G7

You can mix and match SAS and SATA and I do not see any reason why it should not be done, if the controller supports both type of drive , it is just that we cannot have a single array with SAS and SATA together, however one can have SAS array and SATA array on a same backplane, seen number of setups like these.

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