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Mssing Sensors in Ubuntu 16.04 on DL20 Gen9

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Mssing Sensors in Ubuntu 16.04 on DL20 Gen9

Im running a DL 20 Gen 9 and it runs perfectly with esxi 6.0 u2 hpe image - all sensors are available in the ILO temperature screen and fans are running at 6% (I added a 366T adapter).

When running esxi 6.5 Fan 3 runs at 40% - I guess there are some driver or software problems with the esxi 6.5 hpe image.

When im passing through the 366T Adapter fan 3 also starts running at 40%.... so I was thinking about running ubuntu 16.04 on bare metal - installed the MCP. However the temperature for the 366T Adapter (Sensor 12, PCI 2) is still missing in ILO. I also updated the igb driver to the latest available ( - no success in getting the sensor information....

So right now im stuck on using esxi 6.0 u2 to get the fans running nicely... maybe someone has the same problem or a solution ?