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HSR6800 RSE-X2/X3 , IRF, remote mirroring , 40G question

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HSR6800 RSE-X2/X3 , IRF, remote mirroring , 40G question

Hi all ,

1) I am looking to HSR6800 routers and in HP Product Bulletin i saw that if i choose RSE-X2 wich Comware5 i can use  these boards:  ( HPE FlexNetwork 6600 48-port Gig-T Service Aggregation Platform Module - JC567A ,HPE FlexNetwork 6600 48-port GbE SFP Service Aggregation Platform Module - JG556A)

But if i choose RSE-X3 with Comware7 these board not available.

My question is -  can i choose RSE-X2 with 48 Gig boards and after that upgrade RSE-X2 to Comware7?

2)For IRF on HSR6800 routers i can use  :  (HSR6800 4-port 10GbE SFP+ Service Aggregation Platform Router Module), so 2 ports on router will be used for IRF another 2 ports  i can use for services ?

3) Does remote mirroring supported on HSR routers or on another models ?

4)HSR6800 product overview says :  "These routers are built with a multi-core distributed processing architecture that scales up to 420 Mpps forwarding and up to 2 Tbps switch capacity. They deliver robust routing (MPLS, IPv4, IPv6, dynamic routing, nested QoS), security (stateful firewall, IPsec/Dynamic VPN, DoS protection, NAT), full Layer 2 switching, traffic analysis capabilities, and high-density 10 GbE (and 40/100 GbE-ready) WAN interface options, all integrated in a single powerful routing platform."  

But i can not find any 40/100G board for these routers ?

Sorry for my English.

BR, Thank You.

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Re: HSR6800 RSE-X2/X3 , IRF, remote mirroring , 40G question


i've nearly the same questions. Can we get a response?