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Insight CMU v7.1 is now available on HPSC (ITRC)

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Insight CMU v7.1 is now available on HPSC (ITRC)

HP Insight CMU v7.1 is now available for download on the HP Support Center portal -

What's New:

  - Full support for HP Moonshot 1500 systems.
  - Archived monitoring data for archived user groups.
  - Major GUI improvements
       o Quick access to all cluster resources with a filtering feature.
       o Less memory consumption by 3D Time View.
       o Custom options (that are not node specific) on a new top-bar menu with a configurable name (tools by default).
       o New web home page with dynamic cluster status pie chart.
       o ssh tunnel and x11 transparent redirection support for Mac OS X.
  - Automated installation tool to automate the installation of HP Insight CMU management node.
  - Major API improvements
       o Add mpower support to cmu_power. Provide mpower scripts for HP iLO CM.
       o New -a and -m options to cmu_del_user_group allow interaction with the history database.
       o New commands cmu_show_archived_user_groups,cmu_del_archived_user_groups and cmu_del_snapshots.
       o The cmu_scan_macs and cmu_show_node commands are updated.
  - Major Back-end improvements
       o Support for Oracle JRE 1.7 for the HP Insight CMU GUI and cmuserver.
       o The HP Insight CMU dynamic user groups service is now a standard service, and must be configured in cmuserver.conf.
       o The cmu_config_non_gpu_nodes utility is replaced with an automated process that determines whether a node has GPUs and  configures it appropriately for HP Insight CMU monitoring.
       o CMU_ADD_NETBOOT_NIC_UDEV_RULE is implemented (and set to yes by default) to guarantee that the NIC registered in HP Insight CMU keeps the same Ethernet name after cloning. (This only applies to the registered netboot NIC.)
       o Fix to improve performance of the node validation checks invoked by cloning and other HP Insight CMU CLI commands.
       o GPT format support is added for large disks and new Linux distributions.
  - Monitoring Intel coprocessors

NOTE: For more details on new and changed features and bug fixes, see the "HP Insight Cluster Management Utility v7.1 User Guide" available at

How to download Insight CMU v7.1  ISO from HPSC:

1. Go to

2. Click 'sign-in' in the upper right-hand corner and log in.

3. Under "Download Options" in the left-hand column of the web-page,"Patch Management" will now appear. Click on that link.

NOTE: If the "Patch Management" link is not visible after login, you may need to migrate your ITRC account and/or provide

your SAID number in order to access the Patch Database. You can migrate your ITRC account here:

4. Click on 'Find patches for a product' (middle of the page); then click on 'Insight Cluster Management Utility'.

5. Add "CMU-V71" to the download basket and click "Download Selected".  

NOTE: Do not download older CMU patches (v7.0 or v5.x) if you are installing Insight CMU v7.1.


Thanks & Regards,

Insight CMU Team